Hi there! I'm Karolina,

a Chicago designer @

Groupon. I'm passionate about

building experiences that create a

positive change in the world.


Groupon 2022, Q1-Q2

Groupon: Increasing Visibility of Promotions

Improving customer conversions by increasing deal promotion visibility early in the customer journey.

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Groupon 2022, Q1-Q2

Groupon: SEO Transformation

On a mission to become one of the top destinations for local experiences & services when searched on Google

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Groupon 2021, Q3-Q4

Groupon: App Landing Page

Create an updated “Get the App” page with modernized assets and design components

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Gordon Food Service 2021

Gordon Food Service: Improving Customer Ordering

Improving the ordering experience on the eCommerce platform to increase customer retention and revenue for Gordon Food Services.

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Rockwell Automation 2020

Rockwell Automation: Life Cycle feature

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Providing crucial information for customers
on product life cycles