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December '21- January '22 (6 weeks)

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Product Designer

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Figma, Illustration, Competitive Analysis,

Project Summary

The Groupon App produces around 75% of Groupon’s revenue, making it a top business priority to drive customers to use our App. Approximately 60% of Groupon users make new and repeat purchases using the mobile app.


Outdated design and content
The current App Landing page consists of outdated designs and the screenshots of the app are no longer accurate as the app is different today.
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Only 40% of users convert.
Of the users that visit this page, only 40% of users convert. In addition, this app landing page only exists on desktop, which misses on the opportunity to cater and convert mobile users.
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Current State
The App Landing Page only exists on desktop, there is no mobile equivalent of this page that would prompt users to download the app. Due to this we are missing out on a huge opportunity to cater to a large audience providing a convenient way of accessing the app.
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Created a modernized App Landing page that highlights Groupon's value propositions and incentives to drive higher app download conversion. Optimize the landing page for mobile browsers to easily redirect users to the app store.

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Research Insights

Competitive analysis is a key aspect when in the beginning stages of modernizing and optimizing an App Landing page. I referenced Think with Google: Mobile Marketing Insights to understand best practices to incentives users to download the app. build awareness and acquire users. A landing page provides greater visibility, and lets you promote your app through ways that aren’t possible on the stores.

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Highlight Value Propositions

The value proposition is the focal point of the app marketing message, and should succinctly highlight how the app solves users’ problems or improves their situation, the benefits it delivers and why they should use this app as opposed to other apps in the market.

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Clear Call to Action

Ensure there is a clear call to action that you want your visitors to perform. It could be a product purchase, fixing a slot for a follow-up call or signing up for a trial.

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Single App Store Link

A best practice is to use a single app store link that can detect if the consumer is clicking from an iOS or Android device and then routes that user to the correct app store.

Competitive Analysis

While conducting competitive analysis of other competitors app landing pages, I began to follow the download link to the app store and noticed that some competitors ensure that the visuals and value propositions carry through from the app landing page to the app store. This is something that Groupon currently does not do. Groupon's app store visuals are modernized while the app landing page visuals are outdated, showing the old Groupon app.


With the research best practices and competitive analysis discoveries in mind, I began exploring different variations of laying out Groupon's app value propositions, social proof and call to action while leveraging design system assets and aligning with the Groupon's brand identity. Below are some of the few design options I explored.

During the exploration phase I ensured to involve stakeholder feedback early on. It was important to work along brand and marketing to ensure they right value propositions and brand identity were presented, and engineering feedback was crucial to gage the projects feasibility.

Story Image
Story ImageStory Image

Final Concepts

After multiple rounds of stakeholder feedback and design reviews the final concept focused on agnostic devices to ensure inclusion, a mixture of real images of value propositions, real user reviews and leveraging Groupon illustration style to show the brand identity.

Concept Image

Eye Catching CTA

It was important to bring focus to the CTA. Users have the option to text the app download link or use the QR code that takes them straight to their devices app store.

Micro-interactive Value Propositions

Further scrolling would activate parallax animations to highlight the apps' value propositions like Apple Pay, Google Pay or coupon deeming straight from the app.

Concept Image
Concept Image

Brand Identity

It was important to incorporate Groupon's existing illustration as an homage to the 'quirky' and 'fun' brand identity.

Final Solution

I created a prototype to capture the micro animations and interactions. I wanted to convey to developers a 'parallax' scrolling animation of the value propositions appearing once user scrolls down to a specific section of the website.

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